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The most important point of contact you have with a customer is in the first few seconds of engagement. This contact sets the tone for the rest of the entire interaction. Think of when you go to visit a best friend after a long absence and you are so happy to see each other. It […]
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From an organizational standpoint, the first best lesson I learned while working at Walt Disney World was to HIRE NICE PEOPLE. Disney believed that people could more easily learn the technical aspects of a job than to learn to be friendly and nice. The interview and selection process at Disney is designed to identify those […]
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Following are the top 4 reasons why the implementation of a culture of  world-class service excellence is not sustained: 1. The effort feels like a program rather than a process.  A “program” makes people believe that if they go through the motions and patiently wait it out, it will soon be replaced by something else. […]
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