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I have just spent the last half hour trying to complete an online form for my healthcare insurance company to change all my passwords as they sent notice that they have had a breach in their systems. Feeling they were being proactive in sending out this email and appreciating their honesty and transparency in notifying […]
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  A recent experience at the Apple store shows they truly understand the value of the customer experience. It was more than a purchase of a hard technological product, it was a personal, thoughtful and caring experience. Apple “gets it”. They know if they want to create passionate, loyal customers, it takes more than satisfying […]
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  Last week I went on a trip with my daughter to San Francisco. She showed me a new way of moving around a city that is revolutionizing the transportation industry. It’s all about customer service and innovation. It’s Uber! Using the Uber app, it is simple and easy to ask for a car to […]
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