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The culture of tomorrow, begins with the people you hire today. The hiring process gives clues to potential employees as to what your culture is like and who you hire will be a reflection of how your employees ultimately treat your customers. Looking through the lens of the job applicant, HR has several opportunities to […]
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1. Share their vision of Service Excellence for their dept/division and their belief in the organization culture at all opportunities. 2. Show enthusiasm and energize others with their commitment to Service Excellence. 3. Exhibit a sense of urgency in achieving goals and objectives. 4. Encourage teamwork within their department and throughout entire organization to accomplish […]
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What do Southwest Airlines, Zappos, Ritz-Carlton, Walt Disney World, and Nordstroms have in common? A customer service-focused culture. Their products vary wildly from an airline seat to a theme park to a department store to online shoe shopping, but each have recognized that their true product is the service they give to their customers. As […]
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