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  What is the secret to staying in business? Knowing that loyal customers are golden!  J&L Hardware owner Larry Finley will tell you 3 things that have allowed him to continue serving customers for over 50 years. While other hardware companies have been swallowed up by the big box discount stores, his store has remained successful […]
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Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you really who you say you are? I can’t believe the number of organizations who only focus on creating a brand logo, brand marketing materials, and brand facility locations and not about the actual customer experience.  If you don’t live the brand, then what does it matter?  If […]
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3 Easy Tips on How to Provide Quality Service to Students
  Student satisfaction has a direct correlation to increased retention. If a student is happy, they will stay. Enrollment will increase because if they stay, they will inevitably tell their friends. This will increase recruitment opportunities which will result in more tuition revenue. Providing quality service means taking good care of the student while they […]
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