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T.A Yanovitch, Inc. was established in 1991 by Teri Yanovitch to help organizations develop and retain loyal customers and employees.

Our proprietary proven process blends the implementation tools from quality management with the superior customer service exemplified and taught by Walt Disney World. Superior customer service is recognized as the new battleground and differentiator for organizations looking to establish a strong brand and image. Customer service is not something that can be bought as an off-the-shelf product, but requires an organizational culture that must be defined and cultivated.

This process includes leadership, teamwork, and communication actions that implement the principles of service excellence into tangible and measurable means. To achieve significant results the approach requires: cross-functional education, skills and tools, identification of service delivery obstacles, and implementation support.

In order to create a seamless customer experience, it must start at the top of the organization. This initiative is designed to have a significant impact on the organization’s culture and help ensure that service excellence is a core component of the culture. Customer service is not a department, but rather a philosophy and a way of life for an organization.

Keynote Presentations: Delivered by Teri Yanovitch are inspirational, entertaining and informative. Real take-aways of immediate actionable items let the audience feel they got more than just a motivational speech.

Workshops and Seminars: All workshops and training sessions are designed to raise the bar on your current service level needs. Working with a model world-class companies use for consistently delivering excellence, these workshops will be customized to give tools and techniques that will be adapted for your organization.

Consulting: Working with your unique organization, T.A Yanovitch, Inc. can assist your business through a variety of means to improve your service levels to world-class status.

We work with you to:

  • 1. Develop your service strategy

  • 2. Clearly define your exceptional customer experience

  • 3. Position your business to be more competitive

  • 4. Educate the leadership team on their role

  • 5. Coach the supervisors and managers on their responsibilities

  • 6. Educate the front-line in the day-to-day behaviors and standards

From the evaluation phase to the implementation phase, we will help you achieve performance results that are sustainable and long-term.